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Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development Initiatives

Zuari Cement is aware of its social role and promotes socially responsible behavior among all its employees and subsidiaries. We believe that Sustainable Development, as a combination of economic prosperity, environmental protection and social responsibility, is the basis of our own future.

As a corporate citizen, Zuari Cement is also acutely aware of its responsibilities towards the near-by communities. As a part of this responsibility and in an effort to strengthen its relationship with the villages around the factory, the Company has undertaken and carried out many initiatives.

Italcementi considers business leadership to be a catalyst for change towards sustainability, in particular by promoting the roles of eco-efficiency, innovation and social responsibility.

Italcementi strongly believes in values, such as:

  • responsibility as long term commitment to sustainability
  • integrity as ethical behaviour at the heart of its business
  • efficiency as operational excellence through continuous improvement
  • innovation in product, application and management
  • diversity of local identities as a source of value

and focuses its growth strategy on:

  • renewal and expansion of its existing industrial network
  • small/medium size acquisitions and partnerships in emerging and high growth markets
  • vertical integration with ready-mixed concrete and aggregates
  • development of innovative building products, applications and services
  • initiatives in renewable energy sector


Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development
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