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Process Technology, the solid Foundation

The culture of quality which prevails in Zuari Cement's manufacturing facilities is best exemplified in the process technology employed.

Centralized online process control
Advanced technology methods are used to ensure that a high level of quality is attained and sustained right through the manufacturing process. Yet, these high standards are constantly improved upon by an experienced and dedicated R&D team to attain performance oriented cement.

Advantages of process technology

  • Complete homogenisation of limestone is achieved by stacking the limestone in stock-plies with the use of stackers and reclaiming it through reclaimers.
  • The optimum ratio of raw mix is attained by the use of X-ray analyser and automatic weigh feeder which are linked to the centralized computers control room.

  Online X-ray Analyser               Stacker and Reclaimer

  • Reduced variability in kiln feed and complete homogenisation of raw meal is attained through Continuous Flow Silo. This ensures that every grain of cement is of consistent quality.


  • The totally computerised monitoring system enables quality clinkerisation. It dictates the optimum retention time in the precalciner and the kiln. Equipped with a six stage double stream pre-heater cyclone system, the precalciner only adds to the quality.
  • The modern closed grinding units have a high efficiency separator that produces finer particles of cement. This yields cement matrix with a lower pore diameter. This in turn gives concrete of higher density and lower permeability.

Ventomatic Electronic Packing
Zuari Cement employs Ventomatic packers to ensure that the customer gets exactly 50 kgs per bag. To minimize damages during transport, advanced loading techniques are used. These steps reflect Zuari Cement's commitment to offer the best quality and correct quantity to its customers.

Environment-Friendly Technology
To minimise dust emission, Zuari Cement has installed the latest pollution control equipment such as electrostatic precipitators in the kiln, raw mills, coal mills and cement mills. this environmental friendly aspect of Zuari's process technology has resulted in abundance of greenery and clean air in the factory premises.

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Zuari Primo Concrete Cement

Primo concrete cement is a high quality cement prepared from     
How cement is made
Cement is made from a mixture of 80 percent limestone and 20 percent additives. 
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