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Strength lies in our People

Zuari Cement has always valued contributions from every employee. We at Zuari Cement invest on human capital to drive our business operations, we strongly believe in human relations and interaction.

We are proud to proclaim that we have an extensive human resource empowered with skills and expertise in their respective fields. Our diverse work force is spread across a wide geographical area; we operate across India, majorly concentrating on the southern region.

Zuari Cement provides employment for more than 3000 persons as staff at our different offices. As a responsible corporate citizen we also provide indirect employment to over 5600 people, as part of the material handling, godown operations and transport staff.

Sustainability being the key focus, Zuari Cement continues its role by driving employment generating programs around its production facilities and aims to improve the economy of the village community. We believe employee empowerment is imperative for growth; it is with this focus we follow knowledge-sharing based training programs.

At Zuari Cement, we believe in providing freedom to the people to perform and be innovative. Strength and stability is in the careers we offer too. As a transnational company, the opportunity is not just restricted in India. Since the group is growing, we look forward for talents for our ongoing projects in India as well as overseas.


At Zuari Cement our approach to HR Management is geared to supply its international integration strategies, Management Training Programs and Developmental Plans are designed to ensure a high level of technology and managerial skills over time in an increasingly competitive international context.  

While we strive to be among the leaders in cement production, we know that it can be achieved only through a quality workforce.

At Zuari Cement, people are prime assets and growth is determined by potential and consistency in performance. We are looking for people who are willing to take challenging tasks.

Our charter of values states our commitment in respect of the following principles.

  • honesty, fairness, integrity, transparency and mutual respect in managing the company and in its relations with stakeholders and markets; 
  • dialogue and listening to community needs in order to create value and widespread opportunities; 
  • protecting the individual by valuing diversity and cultural identity, professional growth and safety at work; 
  • safeguarding of the environment by pursuing the harmonious integration of each industrial plant with its landscape and developing innovative technologies to save natural resources and use renewable energy sources; 
  • promoting innovation aimed at industrial growth and sustainable development


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Adventz Centre,
2nd &3rd Floor,
No.28, Cubbon Road,
Bangalore - 560 001
Tel: 080 -  41194408
Fax: 080 - 40302828/ 40302888

E-mail: careers@zcltd.com

Charter Of Values


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